Key Fixtures

Are we back? I think we might be back. The gameweek list has been updated with the latest view but we're going to have to see how it goes for the rest of the season, I think. We'll try to be as transparent as possible. Gameweek 40 will comprise of just two fixtures to ease us back in.

Teams Date
Man City VS Arsenal Jun 17, 2020
Aston Villa VS Sheffield United Jun 18, 2020

Latest Standings

# Player Total Score
1 Peter Branagan 33
2 Matt Simonetta 30
3 Andrew Mastrantone 29
3 Tom Sparke 29
5 Pranit Gera 28
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Top Picks for 39: Premier League 7-8 March

Name Picks Goals
Diogo Jota (Wolves) 167 (22%) 0
Sadio Mané (Liverpool) 57 (8%) 1
Raúl Jiménez (Wolves) 49 (7%) 0
Nicolas Pépé (Arsenal) 42 (6%) 0
Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) 35 (5%) 0
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