GoalScorer Challenge gameweeks 5 & 6: International weeks

One of GoalScorer Challenge’s unique selling points is the inclusion of international gameweeks. While other fantasy games go into hiding for a couple of weeks every now and again, GSC doesn’t stop. Ever got bored over an international break due to lack of meaningful football? Of course you have. GSC doesn’t remove boredom, but it does at least give you the occasional reason to care about a fixture you wouldn’t otherwise have noticed.

You must pick a Premier League player for their country. Each international break is split into two GSC gameweeks:

1. Thursday to Saturday
2. Sunday to Tuesday

Your pick for each must be for a Premier League player playing in a senior international (no U21s) between the gameweek deadline and the end of the gameweek. To pick a player, find his club as usual; so if you want to pick Harry Kane for England, click the Tottenham drop-down for that gameweek and then Harry Kane.

The deadline swill usually be 19:30 on a Thursday and 2:45 on a Sunday, but this is subject to change depending on which fixtures kick off when; the intention will always be to include as many fixtures as possible without making the deadline annoying for the majority.

One thing that crops up fairly often is if a game is played in the small hours of the morning UK time. As long as that game kicks off on the right day local time, that will be included (e.g. a game kicking off on Saturday night in USA will technically be Sunday in UK but that’s ok).

This one’s up to you, really. You can look for a player with the best fixture (in the past Dzeko, Lukaku and Steven Fletcher have all scored hat-tricks against European minnows), you can go for a player you don’t think you’d want to pick in a regular gameweek as he’s getting good gametime for his country, or you can just play it safe with someone you know with a good international record. England players will get several picks whoever they’re playing for this reason. A little research can go a long way in international gameweeks, but that doesn’t mean the more obvious picks won’t score.

Gameweek 5
So to our first international gameweek of the season, gameweek 5. The deadline is 19:30 on Thursday 5 September and, as far as I can see, there are 57 applicable fixtures. Please let me know if you think anything’s missing or you have any questions.

Please note that the Africa and Asian qualifiers on the Thursday, along with Armenia v Italy, are not included in gameweek 5 as they kick off before the deadline.

Gameweek 5 fixtures
5 Sep Ireland v Switzerland
5 Sep Gibraltar v Denmark
5 Sep Romania v Spain
5 Sep Norway v Malta
5 Sep Faroe Islands v Sweden
5 Sep Israel v North Macedonia
5 Sep Finland v Greece
5 Sep Bosnia-Herzegovina v Liechtenstein
5 Sep Northern Ireland v Luxembourg
5 Sep Montenegro v Hungary
5 Sep Dominica v Suriname
5 Sep US Virgin Islands v Cayman Islands
6 Sep Comoros v Togo
6 Sep Gambia v Angola
6 Sep Estonia v Belarus
6 Sep Cyprus v Kazakhstan
6 Sep Germany v Netherlands
6 Sep Wales v Azerbaijan
6 Sep Slovakia v Croatia
6 Sep Slovenia v Poland
6 Sep Austria v Latvia
6 Sep Scotland v Russia
6 Sep San Marino v Belgium
6 Sep Tunisia v Mauritania
6 Sep Morocco v Burkina Faso
6 Sep Honduras v Puerto Rico
6 Sep Peru v Ecuador
6 Sep Chile v Argentina
6 Sep Bermuda v Panama
6 Sep Grenada v St. Kitts and Nevis
6 Sep French Guyana v Belize
6 Sep Nicaragua v St. Vincent & Grenadines
6 Sep Barbados v Saint Martin
6 Sep Guatemala v Anguilla
6 Sep Bonaire v British Virgin Islands
7 Sep Botswana v Malawi
7 Sep Kosovo v Czech Republic
7 Sep England v Bulgaria
7 Sep Lithuania v Ukraine
7 Sep Iceland v Moldova
7 Sep Serbia v Portugal
7 Sep Turkey v Andorra
7 Sep France v Albania
7 Sep Brazil v Colombia
7 Sep United States v Mexico
7 Sep Costa Rica v Uruguay
7 Sep Zambia v South Africa
7 Sep Martinique v Trinidad and Tobago
7 Sep Aruba v Guyana
7 Sep Jamaica v Antigua and Barbuda
7 Sep Montserrat v Dominican Republic
7 Sep Guadeloupe v Sint Maarten
7 Sep Canada v Cuba
7 Sep El Salvador v St. Lucia

Gameweek 6 fixtures
8 Sep – Equatorial Guinea v South Sudan
8 Sep – Sierra Leone v Liberia
8 Sep – Switzerland v Gibraltar
8 Sep – Georgia v Denmark
8 Sep – Romania v Malta
8 Sep – Spain v Faroe Islands
8 Sep – Sweden v Norway
8 Sep – Greece v Liechtenstein
8 Sep – Finland v Italy
8 Sep – Curaçao v Haiti
8 Sep – Canada v Cuba
8 Sep – El Salvador v St. Lucia
8 Sep – Saint Martin v US Virgin Islands
9 Sep – Azerbaijan v Croatia
9 Sep – Northern Ireland v Germany
9 Sep – Estonia v Netherlands
9 Sep – Hungary v Slovakia
9 Sep – Slovenia v Israel
9 Sep – Poland v Austria
9 Sep – Latvia v North Macedonia
9 Sep – Scotland v Belgium
9 Sep – San Marino v Cyprus
9 Sep – Russia v Kazakhstan
9 Sep – Wales v Belarus
9 Sep – Panama v Bermuda
9 Sep – Belize v Grenada
9 Sep – St. Vincent & Grenadines v Dominica
9 Sep – Suriname v Nicaragua
9 Sep – St. Kitts & Nevis v French Guyana
9 Sep – Antigua and Barbuda v Aruba
9 Sep – Cayman Islands v Barbados
10 Sep – Eswatini v Djibouti
10 Sep – Malawi v Botswana
10 Sep – Mozambique v Mauritius
10 Sep – Angola v Gambia
10 Sep – Togo v Comoros
10 Sep – Rwanda v Seychelles
10 Sep – Guinea-Bissau v São Tomé e Principe
10 Sep – Namibia v Eritrea
10 Sep – Sudan v Chad
10 Sep – Guam v Philippines
10 Sep – Mongolia v Tajikistan
10 Sep – Chinese Taipei v Nepal
10 Sep – Cambodia v Bahrain
10 Sep – Singapore v Palestine
10 Sep – Hong Kong v Iran
10 Sep – Myanmar v Japan
10 Sep – Indonesia v Thailand
10 Sep – Malaysia v UAE
10 Sep – Afghanistan v Bangladesh
10 Sep – Turkmenistan v Korea Republic
10 Sep – Sri Lanka v Korea DPR
10 Sep – Maldives v China PR
10 Sep – Kuwait v Australia
10 Sep – Yemen v Saudi Arabia
10 Sep – Qatar v India
10 Sep – Montenegro v Czech Republic
10 Sep – England v Kosovo
10 Sep – Luxembourg v Serbia
10 Sep – Lithuania v Portugal
10 Sep – Moldova v Turkey
10 Sep – France v Andorra
10 Sep – Albania v Iceland
10 Sep – Argentina v Mexico
10 Sep – Tunisia v Côte d’Ivoire
10 Sep – Jordan v Paraguay
10 Sep – Ukraine v Nigeria
10 Sep – Republic of Ir… v Bulgaria
10 Sep – Uzbekistan v Iraq
10 Sep – Trinidad and T… v Martinique
10 Sep – Guyana v Jamaica
10 Sep – Montserrat v St. Lucia
10 Sep – Bahamas v Bonaire
10 Sep – Turks and Caicos v Guadeloupe

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