GoalScorer Challenge 2020/21

GSC 2020/21 kicks off on 12 September 2020! Sign up now and tell as many people as you can about the game. It’s free to play and as simple as you like.


The rules are simple. There are 52 gameweeks, in each of which you pick a Premier League player. The goals that player scores in their game that week are added to your score.

Sound easy? Yes, but there’s a catch; you can only pick each player once all season. It only takes 10 seconds to pick each week but getting your tactics right is crucial.

Whoever has the most goals at the end of the season will be crowned GSC 2020/21 champion! Peter Branagan won GSC 19/20 With an incredible 41 goals and took home £2,000 from sponsors Stray Offside. This year’s prizes have yet to be determined so keep an eye out.


52 gameweeks this season include seven international rounds. These are a great challenge as you still need to pick a Premier League player, but for their country.

It provides some entertainment for those who are bored during international weeks, and finding those obscure players to pick for their country who you’d never pick in the league is one of the game’s highlights.

There are also FA Cup weeks and some midweek catch-up gameweeks this season so make sure you’re on the ball.

Spread the word

Once you’re signed up, please tell as many people about the game as you can!

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