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GoalScorer Challenge 2020/21

GSC 2020/21 kicks off on 12 September 2020! Sign up now and tell as many people as you can about the game. It’s free to play and as simple as you like.


The rules are simple. There are 52 gameweeks, in each of which you pick a Premier League player. The goals that player scores in their game that week are added to your score.

Sound easy? Yes, but there’s a catch; you can only pick each player once all season. It only takes 10 seconds to pick each week but getting your tactics right is crucial.

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GoalScorer Challenge gameweeks 5 & 6: International weeks

One of GoalScorer Challenge’s unique selling points is the inclusion of international gameweeks. While other fantasy games go into hiding for a couple of weeks every now and again, GSC doesn’t stop. Ever got bored over an international break due to lack of meaningful football? Of course you have. GSC doesn’t remove boredom, but it does at least give you the occasional reason to care about a fixture you wouldn’t otherwise have noticed.

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GoalScorer Challenge 2019/20: hints and tips

This is a quick post about GSC, primarily for any new players this season. GSC is a very simple game but there may be some things you’re not aware of before the season starts.

The rules are very simple. Pick one Premier League player per week and any goals they score are added to your total. But pick carefully as you can only use each player once all season. The addition of international and FA Cup weeks add a bit of complexity but that’s about it. No worrying about formations, transfers, chips or any of that, just one pick per week. Easy.

One thing to note is that if you pick a player and they don’t play, whether that’s through injury, postponement or just being rested, tough. You don’t get to pick that player again. So the first tip is to look out for snow.

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