Gameweek 5 – international week!

I’m hoping you’re all aware of this already, but just in case here is a reminder that GoalScorer Challenge features international weeks alongside the usual domestic rounds. Gameweek 5 is one of those, with a deadline of Thursday at 19:30. It’s annoying having to have the deadlines on Thursday but it’s the easiest way of getting all the teams playing once without having to wait for the Sunday-Tuesday games.

This is the first of four international gameweeks over the course of the 2015/16 season. The others fall in gameweeks 10, 15 and 38. Historically international weeks have more goals than any others so it’s not a good one to miss. Please remind any of your mates who you think might miss it!

The rules:

  • You are picking a player to score in internationals between Thursday 19:45 and Saturday. Any games kicking off before 19:45 on Thursday do not apply.
  • You have to pick an active Premier League player. If I’ve missed a transfer there’s no point trying to be sneaky and picking a player who’s left the league as it won’t count. To find your player, you’ll have to find their club in the Submit Picks page as if it were a normal PL week.
  • Only full internationals apply. No under-21s, no B internationals.
  • Each team can only play once. If a team somehow has two games over the relevant period only their first fixture counts.

I think that pretty much covers it but please let me know if you think I’ve missed anything.

On to the fixtures. There’s a full round of UEFA qualifiers, some World Cup qualifiers, African Nations qualifiers and a few friendlies. I think this is an exhaustive list but I can’t guarantee it.

3 September 19:45 Czech Republic v Kazakhstan
3 September 19:45 Netherlands v Iceland
3 September 19:45 Turkey v Latvia
3 September 19:45 Belgium v Bosnia-Herzegovina
3 September 19:45 Cyprus v Wales
3 September 19:45 Israel v Andorra
3 September 17:00 Azerbaijan v Croatia
3 September 19:45 Bulgaria v Norway
3 September 19:45 Italy v Malta
4 September 17:00 Georgia v Scotland
4 September 19:45 Germany v Poland
4 September 19:45 Gibraltar v Republic of Ireland
4 September 19:45 Faroe Islands v Northern Ireland
4 September 19:45 Greece v Finland
4 September 19:45 Hungary v Romania
4 September 19:45 Denmark v Albania
4 September 19:45 Serbia v Armenia
4 September 19:45 Portugal v France
4 September 20:30 St Vincent & Grenadines v Aruba
4 September 20:30 Grenada v Haiti
4 September 20:30 Tonga v Samoa
4 September 20:30 American Samoa v Cook Islands
5 September 17:00 Luxembourg v FYR Macedonia
5 September 17:00 Ukraine v Belarus
5 September 19:45 Spain v Slovakia
5 September 17:00 Estonia v Lithuania
5 September 17:00 San Marino v England
5 September 19:45 Switzerland v Slovenia
5 September 17:00 Russia v Sweden
5 September 19:45 Austria v Moldova
5 September 19:45 Montenegro v Liechtenstein
5 September 00:05 Curaçao v El Salvador
5 September 00:37 Canada v Belize
5 September 01:05 Antigua & Barbuda v Guatemala
5 September 02:00 Jamaica v Nicaragua
5 September 00:00 Venezuela v Honduras
5 September 23:00 USA v Peru
5 September 01:30 Argentina v Bolivia
5 September 02:30 Panama v Uruguay
5 September 03:00 Mexico v Trinidad & Tobago
5 September 21:00 Brazil v Costa Rica
5 September 22:00 Chile v Paraguay

Good luck!