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GoalScorer Challenge: Hints and Tips

Last season we did full previews for each team, with predicted line-ups, set-piece takers and some GSC tips. I won’t ask those guys to go through all that again, so instead here are some more general GoalScorer Challenge hints and tips. Hopefully new players in particular will find these useful but there should be something for everyone. Let me know if you’ve got any others and I’ll update this.


1. Have your own strategy
GoalScorer Challenge is a simple game. No need to worry about rotating goalkeepers or the order of your subs bench. Just pick one player each week and hope he scores. This inherent simplicity means that there’s something in it for everyone; you can pick week-to-week and do well with a bit of luck, or you can meticulously plan out 10 weeks in advance and see your players sent off, miss penalties and break legs.

So it’s entirely up to you how you want to play the game. Decided one team is terrible? Pick their opponent’s striker each week. Or go for someone who scored twice last week, or look for the obscure picks that no-one else has thought of to go for the one-pick title.

Alternatively, you might want to go for the most obvious pick each week. It’s entirely up to you!


2. Placeholders!
There’s not much worse than forgetting to pick. Mitigate against this possibility by putting a placeholder in for next week when you pick for this week.

The dilemma here is often that when it comes to the next gameweek, you don’t want to change. If you switch and your original player scores, you’re going to feel like a bit of a tit. My solution to this is to put a placeholder in that you wouldn’t normally pick as one of your 46 picks. Someone like, oh I don’t know, let’s say Mark Noble. If you leave him as your placeholder, he’s got a chance of a goal, but you won’t feel too bad about switching away from him.

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Gameweek 5 – international week!

I’m hoping you’re all aware of this already, but just in case here is a reminder that GoalScorer Challenge features international weeks alongside the usual domestic rounds. Gameweek 5 is one of those, with a deadline of Thursday at 19:30. It’s annoying having to have the deadlines on Thursday but it’s the easiest way of getting all the teams playing once without having to wait for the Sunday-Tuesday games.

This is the first of four international gameweeks over the course of the 2015/16 season. The others fall in gameweeks 10, 15 and 38. Historically international weeks have more goals than any others so it’s not a good one to miss. Please remind any of your mates who you think might miss it! Continue reading “Gameweek 5 – international week!”