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GSC all-time stats

Congratulations to Oliver Chapman, the winner of GoalScorer Challenge 2015/16! With 31 goals, he was a more than deserved winner. Here are the final standings:


We’ve now had five seasons of Premier League GSC so it’s probably a decent time to have a look at the all-time stats. So here we go! Sorry it doesn’t look very pretty; aesthetics are not really a strength of mine. I can’t guarantee 100% accuracy either so let me know if something looks odd. Continue reading “GSC all-time stats”

2015/16 prizes and new i-Pools Last Longest game

I have two exciting GoalScorer Challenge announcements thanks to a new affiliation with i-Pools!

i-POOLs is a pools betting exchange. They offer simple and fun pool-based online betting games to play with the community or just with your mates so you play against each other, not the house. The sum of the players’ entry fees (minus a small administration fee) is paid out in prizes.


Prizes for GSC 2015/16

Thanks to i-Pools, I’m now in a position to offer some decent cash prizes finally! You must be registered on i-Pools to be eligible for prizes, which are as follows:

GoalScorer Challenge 2015/16 winner: £1,000
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