2015/16 prizes and new i-Pools Last Longest game


I have two exciting GoalScorer Challenge announcements thanks to a new affiliation with i-Pools!

i-POOLs is a pools betting exchange. They offer simple and fun pool-based online betting games to play with the community or just with your mates so you play against each other, not the house. The sum of the players’ entry fees (minus a small administration fee) is paid out in prizes.


Prizes for GSC 2015/16

Thanks to i-Pools, I’m now in a position to offer some decent cash prizes finally! You must be registered on i-Pools to be eligible for prizes, which are as follows:

GoalScorer Challenge 2015/16 winner: £1,000
Runner-up: £100
Monthly winner: £25 – each month must have an outright winner. If there is a tie for the lead then I will count up how many picks the leaders’ scorers got each. If there is still a tie after this, the money rolls over to the next month.
Most one-pick goals: £25 – a one-pick is when you are the only person in the game to pick a particular player that week. If they score, a ‘one-pick’ goal is added to your total. Get more of these than anyone else and win!
Most goals in non-PL gameweeks: £25 – internationals, FA Cup weeks and League Cup final


GSC Last Longest

i-Pools will be running a GoalScorer Challenge Last Longest pool starting next week. It’s similar to the normal GSC game in that you have pick a different player each week. The difference is that if you don’t score, you’re out of the pool. Whoever last longest in the pool wins the pot.

There should be a new pool each week so if you do go out you don’t have to wait long to get involved again.

You must be over 18 to register on i-Pools so if you’re not old enough please don’t try to sign up. If you are eligible, please use this link: https://www.i-pools.co.uk/user/register?affiliate=011. You’ll get a free £5 when you sign up so please join the new GSC pool!